Wiley X USA Orion Flight Glove (Large)

Wiley X
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Manufacturer's Part # U302LA

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NavAir and ACGAPL approved, Wiley X Orion Flight Gloves deliver unparalleled hand protection with a lightweight, comfortable design. Made with sheepskin leather that is treated for flame resistance, these rugged gloves keep your hands safe in extreme conditions without sacrificing dexterity. The fingers and back of the hand are constructed with a lightweight Nomex and Kevlar weave for an additional layer of protection. An adjustable cuff lets you customize the fit, while the clip-strap allows for simple storage. These gloves last 4 to 6 times longer than standard flyers gloves, giving you durable handwear that will safeguard your hands in extreme weather conditions and hazardous work environments.

  • Outlasts flyers glove 4-6 times
  • Leather reinforced in high wear areas
  • Adjustable cuff for custom fit
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