EMT Academy Items

EMT Academy Items

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What do you need to buy?  The following items are REQUIRED by the college:

  • Black uniform pants (minimum 2 pair).  You can use either plain or EMT Cargo style.  The advantage is the EMT cargo pants have extra pockets useful during clinicals.
  • Khaki uniform POLO shirts (minimum 2).  You have to bring a spare uniform shirt to clinicals in case you have to change shirts during a clinical due to body fluid exposure.
  • Stethoscope.  You need at least the basic stethoscope.  You can buy an upgraded model if you want, but the basic model gets the job done.
  • Holster set.  You must have a holster set with shears and a penlight for all clinicals.
  • Name tag.  You need at least one name tag. 

Optional items:

  • Windbreaker jacket.  If you will wear a jacket, you must wear a logo jacket.
  • Shoes or boots.  They have to be black and shineable.
  • Belt.  You need a black belt.

EMT Academy Student Uniforms
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EMT Academy Student Name Tag

EMT Academy Student Name Tag

Required item for all EMT academy students. Daytona State College recommends students purchase at least two (2) name tags.   Enter your FIRST NAME and LAST NAME for personalization Choose your attachment - either a pin back or a...
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