Sabre Pen Pepper Spray 3 in 1 Unit

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A defensive spray unit the size of an actual pen!

- Fits anywhere a ball-point pen would.
- Simply remove cap and depress spray cap to fire.
- Contains approximately 17 one-second bursts.
- Contains up to 80% more bursts than other pen units!
- 3 in 1 mixture of Pepper Spray, C.S. Military Tear Gas and Ultra-Violet marking dye.
- Long-lasting formula will remain effective up to 1 hour to incapacitate attacker.
- Effective firing range of 6-8 feet.
- Perfect for;  undercover law enforcement, backup for duty law enforcement, students, civilians, anyone!
- Special LOW pricing from FireStoreOnline®</P

PEN-14 **
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