NightStick Pro Intrinsically Safe Dual Flashlight/Floodlight (Black)

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Features TWO lights in ONE

NightStick® has been manufacturing lights for over 25 years and they have innovated again!  Dual-light innovation combines a bright LED flashlight AND a bright LED floodlight into one virtually indestructible unit.  Traditionally, flashlights did a poor job of illuminating the area directly around you while they did a good job of lighting objects in the distance.  With dual-light innovation, the addition of a floodlight fully illuminates the area around you while the second LED flashlight unit illuminates objects in the distance!
  • Flashlight unit built in the head and then a second LED light source build in the body that points downward to provide a floodlight and illuminate the area around you.
  • Two CREE® XPE LEDs
  • Sharply focused, long-range flashlight beam designed to cut through smoke and dust
  • Smooth, wide focus flood light beam
  • Choose Flashlight, Floodlight, Dual-Light or strobe
  • 80 lumen flashlight
  • 80 lumen floodlight
  • 160 total lumens in Dual-Light mode
  • Bright LEDs are virtually indestructible - 50,000 hour life
  • Rugged engineered polymer housing designed for one-hand operation
  • Textured two push–button control
  • Momentary-on or constant-on flashlight operation
  • Non–slip grip
  • Available in black or hi–visibility green
  • Impact and chemical resistant
  • Waterproof to 1 meter (IP-67)
  • Built-in pocket clip and lanyard
  • Requires 3 AA batteries (not included)

A powerful, waterproof, shockproof, intrinsically Safe
80 Lumen flashlight with a built-in floodlight. Equipped with NIGHTSTICK’s exclusive DL INNOVATION™ the unique, Intrinsically Safe NIGHTSTICK™ XPP–5422 features an advanced, tightly focused CREE XPE-powered 80 lumen Flashlight • a smooth, broad focus 80 lumen CREE XPE LED Floodlight • and Dual-Light capability-- to make conventional intrinsically safe flashlights obsolete. The NIGHTSTICK™ XPP–5422 is an exceptional lighting tool for hazardous work place environments of all kinds. This compact, powerful, utterly reliable flashlight is safety-rated for use in Div 1; Class I, II, & III; Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G—the most demanding and potentially dangerous of environments. Public Safety, automotive and industrial professionals will appreciate the lightweight, secure, comfortable grip, and two easily accessible push-button switches that allow independent control of the flashlight and floodlight functions with simple one-hand operation. The durable, high-impact polymer body has an oval shape that fits comfortably in any size hand. A tough, spring pocket-clip allows convenient, secure carry on almost any garment or gear.
Dual–Light INNOVATION™. Use both beams to be safer. Combine the bright, focused flashlight beam with the floodlight beam in Constant On mode for added close-in visibility and more safety than either light alone can offer. When you’re moving, most flashlights do a poor job of illuminating the area immediately in front of you, making running or even walking more risky. But NIGHTSTICK’s unique Dual-Light configuration, using both lights simultaneously, can improve safety in critical situations. Activate the flashlight and floodlight at the same time to illuminate a distant target or destination…as you move into a secondary bubble of light directly in front of you. Or light up a suspicious suspect as you check ID in the floodlight beam. You’ll enjoy the extra utility, as well as the safety</div
XPP-5422B **
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2 Reviews

Oct 3rd 2011

Nice light - 2 lights in one

I love the feature of having two lights built into one. Sometimes I use both lights on at the same time and it really lights up everything. Great little product and great quality too.

Sep 26th 2011

Great light

Love this little light - the floodlight feature is the BEST! You can turn on the flashlight AND floodlight and it lights up everything around you! The batteries lasted me a long time before I had to replace them too. Excellent flashlight !!

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