Littmann Select Stethoscope (Peach)

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Manufacturer Part Number L2310PEA

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Legendary Littmann quality

The affordable general examination stethoscope with the patented single-sided tunable chestpiece design. The Littmann Select Stethoscope provides good response in both high-frequency and low-frequency ranges. Its reliable and clear acoustics offer an advantage to health care professionals when listening to heart, lung and blood pressure sounds. The durable chestpiece assures long-lasting performance and is protected with a scratch-resistant, satin finish.
The patented tunable diaphragm allows you to listen selectively to low or high frequencies without having to turn over the chestpiece.
  • For your comfort and control, the chestpiece is finger-contoured for a secure hold. For the patients comfort - a nonchill rim.
  • The eartubes are set at the proper anatomical angle so they don't need readjusting.
  • The patented Littmann Snap-tight Eartips remain secure, yet may be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Soft-sealing Eartips also available.
  • A patented double-leaf binaural spring inside the tubing (unlike Sprague-Rappaport-type scopes), maintains proper headset tension. You may adjust the headset tension simply by flexing the yoke.
  • The single-lumen tubing makes the Littmann Select Stethoscope very portable and less bulky than many double tube stethoscopes.
  • 28 inches long.
  • Backed by a two-year warranty.
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