Tactical Products

Tactical Products

Traffic Safety Vests, Apparel, & Accessories

Being a traffic officer is often challenging and fast-paced. That’s why you’ll need the right equipment, including traffic safety vests, in order to minimize risks as much as possible. You need to stand out even in low visibility so that drivers are able to both avoid you and follow and instruction you are giving.

Traffic Safety Apparel

At Fire Store Online, we carry a great selection of different vests for traffic officers. These vests are a bright yellow or orange (or mixed) color that reflects headlights, making you impossible to miss. Depending on the city you work in, you might also need rain gear that will not only help you stand out but also keep you warm and dry during the hours you will spend outside. Our jackets are very comfortable with tons of pockets to protect your belongings.

Traffic Safety Tools

In addition to the traffic safety vests and gloves we offer, we also have tools that will assist in your job, primarily batons. These batons are equipped with LED lights that attract attention from even the most distracted drivers. Some of our batons have flashing lights that are even more effective! The batons have a comfortable grip to keep your hand from cramping up after hours of use.

Safety and Value

At Fire Store Online, we hold all of the products we sell to a very high standard of quality. This ensures that you can do your job to the absolute best of your ability. If you have questions, we are happy to speak with you at 1(866) 699-8084. Or, you can visit our contact page.

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