Optics & Police Gear

In law enforcement work, having better vision can give you a serious advantage. To help you on duty, we carry top-quality optics and police gear for a wide variety of scenarios, allowing you to get a good look and properly assess the situation. We have handheld equipment, stationery options, and even hands-free headgear. These are some of the most advanced optical tools on the market.

Magnification Gear

From standard binoculars to advanced spotting scopes, we’ve got you covered for all your magnification needs. Available in a range of prices, these pieces are some of the best you can find. Stay out of harm’s way and safely formulate a plan when you have the power of magnification. These tools are also built to last and will stay strong even through tough times.

Night Vision

When you need to see clearly after dark, night vision is the way to go. Our optics and police gear includes several different night vision options. These include both monoculars for quick looks as well as more involved night vision goggles with a head strap to leave both hands open. This powerful equipment is easy to use and is extremely portable so you won’t have to worry about being bogged down because of it.

High Quality Guaranteed

When you’re in a dangerous situation or just going about your daily duties, you need equipment that you can count on. All the items we sell online always meet our incredibly high standards, which means they’re products that we firmly believe you can depend on. Do you have any questions? Give us a call at 1 (866) 699-8084 or check out our contact page.

See things a little better with magnification equipment that’s built with you in mind!