Hookfast Nameplate QS-5HR

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Size 5/8" x 2' 5/8"
Manufacturer's Part Number QS-5HR

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Hookfast Emblem Name Plates QS-3

Your name plate sends a message to anybody who approaches you, so should be easy to read and look great. With Hookfast’s emblem name plates, you can add a personal touch to make your plate stand out. Hookfast has been around since 1926 and has built a very solid reputation. See their quality for yourself and order through FireStoreOnline!

Extreme Detail

Hookfast ensures that each emblem comes out looking crisp and smooth. This helps you make a great first impression as a professional and an authority figure. To serve each community of first responders and law enforcement officials, we carry several different Hookfast specialties for police officers, firefighters, and EMTs.

Custom Engraving

We have an in-house engraving team that’s the best in the business. And, with the purchase of a Hookfast emblem name plate, you get two additional lines of engraving for free. Choose the color of the lettering for your name plus other finishing options to make something that is truly yours.

FireStoreOnline Standard

We hold all of our products to the highest standards of quality. This allows us to guarantee that you will be totally satisfied with any purchase you make. We’re happy to answer your questions at (866) 699-8084, or you can contact us through our website.

These Hookfast nameplates are the best in the business - check them out at FireStoreOnline today!

5/8" x 2' 5/8"
Manufacturer's Part Number: