Gould & Goodrich BootLok Ankle Holster (For Backup Gun)

Gould & Goodrich
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Manufacturer Part Number B716

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Law enforcement duties are often ACTIVE - running, jumping, crawling, fighting!  Conventional ankle holsters can easily come loose and free during normal activities.  The BootLock™ ankle holster is the only holster of its kind which secures firmly in place and stays there!

  • BootLock™ system actually laces the holster into your boot as well as uses a conventional Velcro ankle band system.
  • 2 levels of securing the holster in place means that your weapon stays in place better!
  • Perfect for use with zipper boots - lace the holster in place just once and it comes on an off with your boots every day!
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. cowhide leather, dyed black.
  • Heavy duty stitching.
  • Thumb break with heavy duty snap.
  • Perfect for back-up weapons.
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