Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend

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Multi-Plier 800 Legend®
Gerber's newest multi-function tool, the Legend®, is an entirely different kind of Multi-Plier®. Designed for the user who needs extreme wire cutting ability, quick access to the components, spring loaded plier handles, and a secure comfortable grip, the new Multi-Plier 800 Legend® is the best of its kind.

Continuing the tradition of innovation, the new Gerber Legend® is the first multi-function tool with replaceable tungsten/cobalt carbide wire cutter inserts.Much harder than any stainless steel, the Legend ® wire cutter will cut through #2 hard carbon steel fishhooks, 1/16" piano wire, and 278lb stainless steel offshore fishing leader. In the event of damage, the triangular cutter can be rotated to a new edge with a Torx® head wrench.

When quick access to the components is a necessity, the Legend® has no equal. All components can be reached with out opening the tool. The large knife blade and patented scissors can even be opened with one hand. The spring-loaded scissors cut all braided fishing lines, hemmed denim, Cordura®, and leather.

The Multi-Plier® 800 Legend® also has Gerber's Patent pending saw coupler, allowing the use of any standard 2" jig saw blade. When a blade goes dull, or if a different style is desired, simply remove the old one and insert the desired blade. No tools are required to make changes.

All of the Legend's® eight components lock open once rotated into place. To unlock, simply slide the release button back, and close the tool. All tools have independent rotation, so only one component comes out at a time. This is safer and more convenient than having to sort through the entire tool set. The Multi-Plier 800 Legend® has a knife blade, scissors, interchangeable saw blade, Phillips® screwdriver, small, medium, and large screwdriver, bottle opener, and a file.

Legend® is the most comfortable multi-function tool to use. The unique handle design has broad, smooth surfaces for the hand to grip when using the pliers. When unfolded for use, the spring loaded pliers open to fit your hand. The Multi-Plier® 800 Legend® also has 3M rubber inserts along the sides. These provide a cushioned, more secure grip on the tool. These inserts are an industry first. The Multi-Plier® 800 Legend® come with a sheath, has a suggested list price of $136.00, and is backed by Gerber's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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