Embroidered Logos & Apparel Items

Embroidered Logos & Apparel Items

Having a patch sewn onto your clothes is a permanent addition that you should be very proud of. Our firefighter patches are extremely high quality and look fantastic. We carry several different types, including official options. We also have work apparel items that will keep you dry and warm in all conditions!

Work Apparel

Working in the rain is sometimes necessary, but poses some health risks. That’s why we offer rain jackets that are designed to protect you against the elements, allowing you to work no matter the weather conditions you encounter. Some of the pieces of equipment are reflective to protect you in dark situations. There are also less-heavy apparel items that are for more general use, like sweaters and polo shirts.

Embroidered Firefighter Patches

FireStoreOnline is the best in the business when it comes to embroidery thanks to our in-house production team. We carry a wide range of firefighter patches from more general to very specific accomplishments. These are durable, vibrant patches that will last for years, even in tough conditions.

FireStoreOnline Guarantee

Firefighting is a job that should be taken very seriously, and it’s important to look the part as well. Ensure that your uniforms are up-to-date and looking sharp with the right gear from FireStoreOnline. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase, and are happy to speak with you either through our website or at (866) 699-8084.

Get the quality firefighter patches and apparel you can trust for years at FireStoreOnline!