EMS Trauma Backpack (ORANGE)

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EMS Trauma Backpack (orange)

You’re backpacking with a friend to a remote campground you can reach only by leaving your car behind. You’re halfway through the last mile of a steep climb, exhausted but excited to arrive at a scenic campground overlooking a waterfall. Suddenly, your foot slips on a rock, and you go down hard. You hear something snap in your arm and feel blinding pain. You need medical attention, you’re miles from a hospital, and there’s no cell phone service.

Prepared, your friend pulls out his EMS trauma backpack, takes gauze from one of the zipped compartments, and uses it to stop the bleeding and create a makeshift sling for your broken arm.

Don’t forget to pack the backpack

With FireStoreOnline’s EMS trauma backpack, you needn’t worry about being helpless in a situation like the one above. With interior compartments for first aid supplies, interior elastic loops for EMS shears, and quick-release buckles on the front straps, the EMS trauma backpack has you covered for practically any minor medical emergency. A hospital may be hours away, but you can access emergency supplies in seconds.

Order your trauma backpack today

First aid may be the last thing on your mind when you plan a camping adventure, but it will be the first thing on your mind if you’re injured and lack medical supplies. Visit FireStoreOnline to get your EMS trauma backpack, and pack it with supplies you need for accidental injuries.

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Ems back pack
Written by Nikki on Apr 13th 2017

Awesome. It's durable and has lots of pockets. I like the removable divider in the bottom.