DutyWear: Fire Gear Bags, Apparel, and More

When you’re a police officer or firefighter, you need clothing and equipment can stand up to the physical demands of your job. This includes having shirts, gloves, police and fire gear bags, along with other important tools that can keep you ready for anything. DutyWear has been in the industry for years and is one of the most trusted manufacturers of durable gear. Find everything you need at FireStoreOnline!

For Police Officers

In an emergency, you don’t want to be hindered by uncomfortable clothing or having to stop to change, so you need to be prepared. Find options for all aspects of the job, like a police fleece pullover or cargo shorts. These simple items are designed to be comfortable when you’re relaxing, yet strong and flexible enough to be used in the field. You get the best of both worlds!

For Firefighters

It doesn’t take long for a firefighter to realize just how much gear they need while on the job. Lugging it around can be tiring and even painful. With fire gear bags from DutyWear, we make it easy for you to keep everything organized and easy to transport. Transitioning between the station and home will go much more smoothly thanks to these durable and affordable solutions.

The FireStoreOnline Standard

Just like our brave law enforcement officers and firefighters are held to high standards, we take extreme care to ensure that all of our products at FireStoreOnline are made well and built to last. You can rest assured that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. So, if you want to know more about any of our fire gear bags or any of our DutyWear items, please call us at (866) 699-8084 or send an email through our contact form.

Protect yourself with the right gear from FireStoreOnline!