As a law enforcement officer, you have one of the toughest jobs in the world—you protect and serve the citizens of your community. Tough jobs require tough gear. DutyMan police equipment protects your gear and accessories, and ensures they are easily accessible and right where you need them, every single time.

Built Tough

You use gear that’s built tough enough to withstand the rigors of a hard day’s work out in the field. You depend on your gear—your radio, baton, flashlight, handcuffs, and more—to help you get the job done right. What’s more, your equipment helps keep you and your fellow officers safe.

Just like your gear keeps you safe, your gear deserves cases and holders that keep them secure, too. DutyMan police equipment is designed to hold and protect your valuable gear.

Basketweave Construction

The DutyMan line of equipment cases utilizes basketweave leather construction. The high-quality construction and finish provide a durable case that protects and lasts. It’s tough enough to stand up to the harsh requirements of your job.

You don’t always have time to carefully place or remove your gear from your belt holders. Often times you need to handle your belt and gear harshly, removing and adding gear quickly. The durable leather construction means you don’t have to worry about your gear holder falling apart. DutyMan police equipment is built tough so you can depend on it.

Standard Quality, Variety of Options

The DutyMan line of equipment is designed to be used in the field. Note that all DutyMan equipment fits standard 2 1/4” duty belts—you don’t have to buy a new gun belt system; DutyMan gear holders fit onto your existing belt.

Everyone likes their duty belt configured their own way. For one thing, everyone likes different closure options. Some prefer a traditional snap-button closure. Others prefer a soft Velcro closure on the flap. We understand that everyone has a preference for how their gear holder opens, closes, and seals.

We offer several options for case closure, like a traditional snap-button closure, a hidden snap-button closure, and a Velcro closure. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the case that meets your specific preference.

Choose Quality You Can Depend On

Not all police duty gear belt holders and cases are created equal. You don’t want a case or holder that won’t open or securely close in the heat of a tense moment. You need gear you can trust and depend on. DutyMan belt holders and cases are built with the rigors of the job in mind.

The high-quality construction, durable basketweave leather fabrication, and the variety of closure options means you’ll find the perfect case for your gear. Make sure your gear is secured and easily accessible, right where you want it, with DutyMan police equipment at FireStoreOnline.