Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire

Perhaps more than any other first responders, firefighters rely on the quality of their equipment to ensure their safety. When a typical day on the job involves storming into a burning building, the last thing on your mind should be whether you’re gloves are capable of handling the heat.

If you need new firefighting gloves, check out Dragon Fire firefighting gloves from FireStoreOnline. As their name implies, Dragon Fire firefighting gloves give firefighters a high level of protection from even the fiercest blazes. As the leading manufacturer of hand-protection products for first responders, Dragon Fire specializes in creating highly advanced, protective firefighting gloves, by using the best technology available.

High-Tech Gloves

Using Italian top-grain leather that Italian craftsmen process through a special tanning procedure, Dragon Fire manufactures an outer shell that exhibits excellent durability, grip strength, abrasion resistance, and flexibility.

The leather also features incredible water resistance, as it cannot absorb anything but a small amount of water. This allows the gloves to dry at an accelerated rate. Spraying water to fight fires, firefighters need fast-drying gloves to prevent firefighting equipment from slipping through their hands.

For the thermal liner, Dragon Fire gloves use a new, patented liner called Kovenex™, made from high-performing fibers that offer unsurpassed heat blocking and flame resistance.

For the gloves’ vapor barrier, the manufacturer looks past traditional, poly-based barriers and offers a revolutionary thermal urethane barrier designed for fire service. Utilizing welded seams, the urethane barrier provides an incredibly high melting point, great liquid penetration resistance, and impressive tensile strength, without sacrificing breathability.

The Options

FireStoreOnline offers two types of Dragon Fire firefighter gloves, both at low prices. The BPP Extrication Glove offers a level of thermal protection and flash protection not seen in other firefighting gloves. With features such as an extended cuff for increased coverage, reflective tips on the fingers for enhanced visibility, and palm and finger dexterity pads, the BPP Extrication Glove is a vital tool for the most challenging fire-rescue missions.

For even better dexterity and grip, use Alpha-X gloves. The gloves stay soft and pliable even after repeated use. They gradually conform to the user’s hands, while remaining easy to slip on and off. The crucial regions around the palm and knuckles have the highest certification from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), with a thermal protection performance rating of 60.

No matter which Dragon Fire firefighting gloves you choose, you’ll receive a top-of-the-line glove that offers hand protection and advanced specs not found in other work gloves. When you put your life on the line in a firefight, you should worry about the obstacles in front of you, not the equipment you wear when you face them. That is what Dragon Fire firefighting gloves help you do.

Make sure your hands stay protected on the job. Shop at FireStoreOnline today!