Brunton Spotting Scope Equipment

There may come a time when your visibility is low when you’re in the field. With the help of a Brunton spotting scope, you can see clearly even from far away! Featuring advanced technology and a rugged exterior, Brunton produces essential equipment for law enforcement officers and first responders.

Impressive Magnification

Although they are very small and easy to care for, these magnifying scope devices are extremely powerful. The Brunton Etema 80mm ED scope can magnify up to 60 times! Anything can affect visibility on the job, from inclement weather to smoke, distance, and other physical obstructions. So, if you require maximum optical range, invest in a Brunton scope today.

Great Options

We have a Brunton spotting scope that will be perfect for you. Do you need something that you can carry in a pocket and have at all times? The Etema 80mm will do the job. If you have the ability to stay still and set up a tripod for optimum stability, like in hunting for example, then options like the Brunton NRA full-size scope are also open to you.

Quality You Can See

When you order anything from FireStoreOnline, you’ll know that you’ve invested in something great. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our items, and we’re ready to answer any questions you have at (866) 699-8084. Additionally, you can get in touch through the contact page on our website.

Get the upper hand with a magnifying scope from Brunton!