Boston Leather

Boston Leather Police Duty Gear

Made entirely in the USA, Boston Leather duty gear are some of the most popular pieces of equipment for officers on the job. Countless men and women on the force rely on the the durability and quality of Boston Leather products, and for good reason.

Radio Accessories

Running with a loose radio can not only slow you down, but it reduces comfort. The Boston Leather radio holder options we feature eliminate these problems, keeping your radio and other devices secure and easy to access at all times.

Other Essential Tools

Your badge is your symbol of authority and needs to be protected, which is why we feature Boston Leather duty gear that includes badge protectors that clip onto your belt or attach to a chain for hands-free carrying. Boston Leather also carries a line of belts made from the best leather you can find with extreme durability and flexibility, making your job easier.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you shop at FireStoreOnline, you get access to the best quality items on the market. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with what we offer and we’re available to answer questions over the phone at (866) 699-8084. You can also reach us through the contact page on our website.

Order from us today to keep your gear secure and ready at all times with Boston Leather.