ASP Batons, Holders, & More

ASP is a company that has been making equipment for police officers for many years. They are synonymous with durability and dependability and their quality batons are just one of the items they specialize in. Because ASP batons are unlike any other, take advantage of our great prices on high-quality gear and more at FireStoreOnline!

Durable Design

Our batons, along with ASP baton holders, are made specifically for police officers to use. Their durable design ensures that they will last for many years and will be very effective when you need them most. Smart construction allows officers to have access to the batons at all times, even while driving. This prevents you from misplacing this very important tool. We even carry them in a variety of different sizes so you can choose one that you are most comfortable with, maximizing your abilities.

Effective Technology

ASP batons are extremely effective yet they’re known for being very humane, delivering a sharp blow that allows officers to subdue suspects that are resisting arrest or are otherwise dangerous. These batons are lightweight, easy to use, and are nearly indestructible and they’re made from powerful aluminum with comfortable handgrips to ensure that you are always in control. Even better, they are made entirely in the USA!

Our Promise to You

At FireStoreOnline, we want all officers to always be prepared and feel safe while on the job. We guarantee that our gear comes from trustworthy, high-quality suppliers that you can rely on. If you want to learn more about ASP batons or any of our other law enforcement supplies and equipment, we’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone at (866) 699-8084 or online.

Get quality gear you can trust with ASP, and combine them with ASP baton holders for improved comfort and job performance!