Boston Leather Fire Radio Holder Combo Set (Reflective)

The functionality of a firefighter’s radio can mean the difference between life and death. That’s why FireStoreOnline supplies the professional-grade Boston Leather fire radio holder.

A radio is only as effective as the holder that secures it in place. If the fit is too loose, the radio can get lost in the line of duty. If the fit is too tight, the radio can be hard to use. Our Boston Leather fire radio holder combo set provides the ultimate fit for what can be a life-saving device.

Security for Your Fire Radio

The holder is designed to securely fit most standard radio models. The set also includes a leather anti-sway strap that helps keep your radio secure during movement.

Made from premium, corrosion-resistant leather, the holder’s three-meter strap includes a reflective strip that makes you easier to notice, day or night. It’s a helpful safety feature for low-visibility operations that make it difficult to see firefighters on scene.

Great Gear at Great Prices

FireStoreOnline offers one of the most affordable Boston Leather fire radio holders on the market. In business since 1998, we specialize in competitively priced, high-quality gear for firefighters and other first responders, recognizing how important the quality of our products is to first responders and those whom they assist.

With the Boston Leather fire radio holder combo set, you can be confident your radio holder won’t fail when you need your radio the most. Order your radio holder from FireStoreOnline today!

5481RC-1-E + 6543R-1 + 5425-1
Manufacturer Part Number:
5481RC-1-E + 6543R-1 + 5425-1

4 Reviews

Jun 12th 2019


Well built and comfortable. Exactly what I wanted and needed.

May 20th 2019

Boston leather

Received my order in a timely manner. I have used the radio strap 1 shift so far and I am very pleased with it. It is well built and I like the reflective stripe for when it is worn without bunker gear.

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